Magic Cafe

Friday May 23, 2014

It is May . Do not become melancholy Despite the glare of the fresh green ?
In such a fresh season , healers will support the release with your detox !

Matryomin Healing : Mona
Lemuria emissions Healing : Hasune
Sea Essences : akane
Hawaiian Tarot : komo
Flower Essences : Miesha

Cafe offers munching after a long time cooking .
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Macrobiotic lunch cafe , very powerful punch is has worked mumble !
Mind and body but please be healed by sweets and macrobiotic cuisine .
Use only for tea with your meal are also welcome !
☆ Matryomin healing nor made
Hand treatments at the Wild Flower Essences
Luna -chan Matryomin is take a break this time
– That might appear together

Hand treatments at the Wild Flower Essences
I have you choose your favorite cream from three Wild Flower
Hand Treatment of with a flow of healing energy
1,000 yen 10 minutes (event price )

Energy to issue a motivated and pleasantly
Motivated the ~ Na not come out somehow
The – I wanna become a little more cheerful
Please when called .
While being healed , we will feel better !
1,000 yen 10 minutes (event price )

Energy to become clear clean
When you would think round and round and worries day-to-day worries .
1,000 yen 10 minutes (event price )
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☆ Hasune’s Lemuria emissions healing
Inner Child Cards Lemuria emissions healing

Everyone , Aloha ! It is a goddess “HappyHasune” that can lead to fortune !
Of inner child card and Lemuria emissions healing this month
The do … or it will be a session
That person , ” Lemuria ” ” inner child ” that you want to experience a little
Those who are attracted to the words , – Please come to play by all means

☆ Lemuria emissions Healing (R)
It is a healing love of Lemuria that activates the blue print .
To regain emotional balance body , mind , and soul ,
I will support to regain your overflowing love the original .
* One message than with Angel Card
4,000 yen for 45 minutes ( * event price )

☆ inner child card session ( Tarot card )
It is a gentle fairy tale tarot cards , fairy and mermaid was drawn .
Through the card , I’ll read the story of the beautiful soul of only oneself .
2,000 yen for 30 minutes ( * event price )

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☆ akane ‘s Sea Essences
Spring Thunder Healing and Sea Essences

Hi there It is a sea of akane essence .
International flower essence conference in Golden Week
Because I met a teacher coming to Japan ,
Magic cafe of May is likely to go to the very powerful ! !

Card reading of this time
Mermaid ( mermaid ) Oracle card and crab leisurely on the beach
The image of Mermaid that talk .
Shadow & Light Oracle card is interesting is not visible to the eye usually
In the glare of summer , Kawayui beings is running pitter-patter
In the image .

* 30 minutes ¥ 2000 the option to extend the card reading , the main consultation .
It is GOOD to (sea essence blend with bottle ) ← bath!

☆Spring Thunder magic of this month 1,500 yen
☆ Lovely blanket 1,000 yen

Healing magic of this month … ,
” Lovely blanket ” of smiling softly as ” Spring Thunder ” of healing neat
11:00 to 18:00 (final acceptance )
Please do inform you of the time you would like .

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☆ komo ‘s Hawaiian Tarot

– Hawaiian Tarot 1day course
Hawaiian Tarot of 78 pieces of beautiful illustrations on the stage is drawn Hawaii
It is a course to know the ” view of the world , the use of Hawaiian Tarot ” .
To knowledge is not required because there is the classroom of the text ,
There is also a card of practice time Enjoy !
( There are also rental and sale of the day for those who do not have a card )
* Tuition ( text charges, including tax) : 3,780 yen
* Time : 14:00 to 17:00
* The belongings :Writing utensils
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– Hawaiian Aloha Tarot Therapy
In divination therapy using a card, face to face with the real intention of your own
Help to release it and what you do not need , attract ideal future
I will !
* Fee: 1,000 yen 15 minutes ( 10 minutes extension 1,00 yen)
* Time : 10:00 to 19:00 12:30,17:30
It is a reservation is not needed , but we will give priority to the person of the reservation
■your application■

☆ Miesha Flower of leading
– Flower Cards & Flower Essences –

May , fresh green It is dazzling !
Heavy body is somehow contrary to the glare of such fresh green
Do not need it interrupted the person I say ?
Waste that has been hoarding during the winter is out dissolve in the blood
May you have coming .
The theme is detox right out !
To blow off a melancholy mood to prepare for the rainy season
I will create a magic essence happy !

* Flower Card Reading
Cards beautiful flower that is healed just watching
We will tell the message from Seoul
2,000 yen (30 minutes * event price )

* Flower Essence Therapy
“I do not know why , but why wonder a way I always me? ”
By taking the flower essence of the pattern ,
It relieves from the cellular level .
Gift of nature healing body , mind , spirit ,
In addition, I raise .
Use the pendulum and flower card ,
Blend the best from the essence of plus α need now and 32 kinds
I will made ​​.
3,000 yen (30 minutes , flower essence bottle with events * price )
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